ANAL warts symptoms AND diagnosis

Anal warts symptoms

ANAL warts symptoms AND diagnosis

Anal warts are tiny growths that develop in and around the anal region. Since anal warts are not uncomfortable and don’t produce noticeable signs, some people are unaware they have them. But if they grow large, they might itch or bleed and become uncomfortable. Let’s see about anal warts symptoms, causes and how to diagnose them in this blog.

What causes anal warts

The main cause of anal warts is the ((HPV) Human Papillomavirus. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection(STI). In general, HPV is transmitted from one person to another through close physical contact with the mouth, anus, penis, or vagina of a person with HPV. Moreover, the virus can spread without engaging in sexual activity also may be by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person(such as hand contact or fluids from an infected sexual partner).

Anal warts symptoms

A person may not be aware they have anal warts because they are usually painless. If symptoms do appear, they could include the following



*Soft lumps in or near your anus.

*Discharge from the lumps like mucus

*Lumps that may group that are flesh-coloured, light brown, yellow, or pink.

*Little cauliflower-like growths surrounding the anus

How are anal warts diagnosed?

A visual inspection of the anus can help the doctor identify anal warts. Furthermore, to inspect the interior of the anal canal and determine whether warts are present there, they may use a medical device called an anoscope. A biopsy of warts might also be used to make the diagnosis if the warts are not responding to treatment or becoming worse despite treatment.

Who is vulnerable to anal warts?

If you do any of the following, you have a higher chance of developing and spreading anal warts:

*Indulging in unprotected sex

*Having several sexual partners

*Indulging in anal intercourse

*Having sexual relations when you’re young

*Having a weakened immune system due to disease or medicines

To sum up

Although anal warts may sometimes be irritating and painful, they are curable. You might be hesitant to discuss anal warts with­­­­­ your doctor, hence feel free to open up to your doctor and get proper treatment. Moreover, anal warts should be examined by a doctor because some HPV strains might cause rare cancer.

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