Benefits of pubic hair

Benefits of pubic hair_eva

Benefits of pubic hair

(Health benefits of having pubic hair)

Pubic hair is a terminal body hair that grows in the genital region and is present in both adolescent and adult humans. Pubic hair forms in response to increasing testosterone levels in both girls and boys.The pubic hair which appear as sparse fine hair become heavier,longer and rougher.It is distinct from other body hair. In this blog let’s see some of the benefits of pubic hair.

Benefits of pubic hair

The presence of pubic hair is a clear physical indicator of sexual maturity. Here are some of the reasons you might think about keeping your pubic hair:

Lowering friction

Pubic hair protects against friction that can irritate the skin in the sensitive region during exercise or sexual intercourse.

Act as a defense system

Pubic hair protects your genital organs from infections such as sexually transmitted infections, infections in the urinary tract. When you completely remove your pubic hair, the delicate pubis is left with tiny incisions where bacteria and viruses can enter your skin causing various infections.It prevents dirt and pathogens from entering genitals.

Maintaining body temperature

Pubic hair helps in keeping our genitals warm.It can regulate body temperature.

Healthy vaginal microbes

Pubic hair creates an environment that is favorable for healthy vaginal microbes.


It helps in keeping moisture of genitals intact.

Reasons for removing pubic hair

People remove their pubic hair for a variety of reasons. The list below discusses a few of the most common ones.

*Many people remove their pubic hair to meet the cosmetic requirement.

*Some people’s decision to have their pubic hair removed is purely a matter of their preference.

*Few people think removing their pubic hair improves sex-related genital feelings.

*Some remove their pubic hair for their partner’s preferences.

More about pubic hair

Pubic hair removal is not unhygienic. Moreover, the removal of pubic hair is not necessary if you maintain proper cleanliness. The amount of melanin determines the colour of your pubic hair, which is different from the colour of the hair on your head. Your pubic hair usually has a colour that is most similar to your eyebrows’ natural colour.

To conclude

Dirt and bacteria are kept out of the vagina with the support of pubic hair. Considering the benefits of pubic hair, keeping it is a smart idea. But, you have a complete choice over whether to have pubic hair or not. However, make sure to maintain your intimate area clean even after getting your pubic hair removed, using whichever method you find most comfortable.

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