causes of Urinary Incontinence and its types

Causes of Urinary Incontinence

causes of Urinary Incontinence and its types

When you have incontinence, you may experience bladder control issues (unintentional passing of urine) and leak urine. This might impact the lives of people in many ways. We will be learning about different types and causes of Urinary Incontinence in this blog.

Now Let’s read about the different types of urinary incontinence:

  1. Stress incontinence – For instance, when you cough or laugh your bladder is under pressure, resulting in urine leakage which is stress incontinence. However, stress incontinence is much more common in women than in men.
  2. Urge (urgency) incontinence – The bladder muscles squeeze or contract at the wrong times, because of this you leak urine. This is known as urge incontinence. However, no matter how much urine is in the bladder, these contractions often occur.
  3. Overflow incontinence – Besides having the urge to urinate, you can only release a small amount. This means you’re unable to fully empty your bladder resulting in frequent leaking.
  4. Total incontinence – when you pass urine constantly or have frequent leaking because your bladder cannot store any urine is called total incontinence.
  5. Mixed incontinenceIt is a combination of multiple problems that leads to leakage issues. Whereas, you might be dealing with stress and an overactive bladder when you have mixed incontinence.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence can be both short-term and long-term. Let’s look into these in detail:

Short-Term Causes

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)In case of an infection inside your urinary tract, causes pain and increases your need to pee more often. However, once treated, the urge to urinate frequently usually goes away.

Pregnancy – As the uterus expands during pregnancy, it places extra pressure on the bladder. However, it is observed that women who experience incontinence during pregnancy, the incontinence goes away within a few weeks after delivery.

Medications – Certain medications including diuretics and antidepressants can be a cause for Incontinence.

Beverages – Certain drinks like coffee and alcohol can make you need to urinate more often. If the consumption of these beverages are stopped, the need to urinate frequently goes away.

Constipation – Chronic constipation – meaning, stool that’s hard and dry, can cause you to have bladder control issues.

Long-Term Causes

Pelvic floor disorders – An issue with your pelvic floor muscles can impact the way your organs function, including your bladder.

Stroke – A stroke can cause issues with the muscles that regulate your urinary system.

Diabetes – Diabetes results in the production of more urine leading to leakage issues.

Menopause – Menopause is a phase when hormone levels change rapidly and pelvic floor muscles can also become weaker.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) – Having MS, you may experience a loss of control of your bladder, leading to leakage issues.

Enlarged prostate – However, if the prostate is larger than normal, it can cause several bladder control issues.

To sum up

Now that you have read about the types and Causes of Urinary Incontinence, you can identify if you are facing the same. Sometimes, it can be embarrassing to talk about bathroom habits with your Doctor, but that shouldn’t stop you from treating incontinence.

Your Doctor can help you make it better. Eva Cosmo Laser Clinic can be one of the best options for you to prefer in case you make up your mind to get treated.

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