Female genital cosmetic surgery(Cosmetic gynecology)

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Female genital cosmetic surgery(Cosmetic gynecology)

Cosmetic gynecology is the medical term for female genital plastic surgery. It is a speciality for women that is growing most rapidly. Cosmetic gynecology is a subspecialty of medicine that focuses on performing surgical and nonsurgical procedures to enhance the external appearance and functionality of female genitalia.

Specialists in urology, gynecology, and urogynecology perform cosmetic gynecology. Enhancing the vagina’s appearance or functionality is the primary goal of cosmetic gynecology. Let’s go deeper into the field of cosmetic gynecology in this blog.

What is Cosmetic gynecology:

As a result of factors like ageing, pregnancy, and childbirth, the interior and external structure of the vagina may change over time. Women who feel unhappy with the appearance or functionality of their vagina can opt for cosmetic gynecology. It includes techniques to enhance the visual appearance of the vulva/vaginal region.

Additionally, it involves functional vaginal repairs to enhance or help in the restoration of sexual function in the context of any alterations brought on by childbearing and/or ageing. This speciality is ideal for treating women’s aesthetic, practical, and sexual issues.

What is done in cosmetic gynecology:

Depending on your issues, cosmetic gynecology may involve both surgery and non-surgical procedures.

*For milder cases of Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), energy-based devices are beneficial.

*This procedure is beneficial to many people who suffer vaginal laxity and sexual dissatisfaction. Moreover, male partners also experience better sexual satisfaction with their female partners who are undergoing treatment whose physiques have changed  as a result of pregnancy and childbirth

*Commonly done surgical procedures are

   1. Hymenoplasty- Hymenoplasty is an option for women who desire to reconstruct or repair their hymen.

   2. Labiaplasty-This procedure alters the size of the vulval lips and improves the appearance of the inner labia.

   3. Vaginoplasty-Using this technique, the vagina can be made tighter. In addition, it aids in rejuvenating the vagina for sexual satisfaction.

  *Using energy-based tools like lasers and radiofrequency techniques, vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening can be done without surgery as well. But, the selection criteria are crucial.

Benefits of cosmetic gynecology:

*The women are benefitted greatly from this and have an enhanced standard of life both personally and sexually.

*Their happiness score has increased, and they have increased self-esteem.

*It is a blessing to help these silent sufferers who find it difficult and embarrassing to share their issues

*It makes your body more beautiful and makes it look a lot younger.

What we do :

After having a clear knowledge, cosmetic gynecology treatment should be carefully planned and carried out.With the highest care, confidentiality, and science, we at the Eva Cosmo Laser Clinic promise to help women in achieving their secret desires and resolve their issues.

In addition to improving sexual function, cosmetic gynecological procedures aim to rejuvenate the genitalia. Maintaining your weight and following the guidelines and restrictions made by your doctor can help you reap the benefits of cosmetic gynecology operations.

And finally, having female genital cosmetic surgery will provide you with more energy and happiness. On the other hand, strive for good mental health to achieve success.

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