Get rid of the C-section scar

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Get rid of the C-section scar

During cesarean delivery, a small incision is made by which your baby will be taken out of your womb. Consequently, this tiny incision will later leave a scar on your body known as a c-section scar or cesarean scar. Although some women may feel uncomfortable regarding their scar, they can get rid of them by having them removed using advanced medical techniques. In this blog, we shall see about c-section scar in detail and how to treat it.

Types of C-section scar

An obstetrician may make a vertical or a horizontal incision during a C-section. Most emergency C-sections are performed with vertical incisions. While horizontal incisions are done in planned C-sections. The majority of women would choose a horizontal incision over a vertical one since it will be less noticeable and heal more quickly.

Treating c-section Scars

If you already have a C-section scar, there are several ways to conceal it. Some of them are

Silicone treatments

Silicone can strengthen connective tissue and repair skin. Your body can easily clean down unattractive scar tissue if you apply silicone gel or a silicone sheet to your scar.

Steroid injections

It is a non-surgical procedure to clear your scar. When the scars are larger, steroid injections are used. This method helps to flatten the area and hide the scar.

Laser therapy

From the name, you would know that it is a non-surgical way to treat your scar.Old scars can be made softer, and raised scars can be removed with the help of medical lasers. You must go through several sessions of this advanced technique in order to reap good results.

Scar revision

When other treatment options have not given you favourable results, then your cosmetic gynecologist may suggest scar revision surgery. With this procedure, the skin around your scar is reopened, and the scar tissue is taken out. The purpose of this procedure is to let the incision heal with a less noticeable scar.

C-section incision care

After cesarean surgery, some people tend to scar more deeply. Thus, following some proper care tips will help to keep scarring to a minimum.

  1. Maintain the area neatly and stick to the dressing and aftercare instructions for your stitches.
  2. Avoid bending, moving, or lifting objects other than your baby to avoid putting any pressure on your abdomen.
  3. Wearing loose clothing allows air to reach your incision, which speeds up the healing process.
  4. A balanced diet and staying hydrated are important for the healing process.
  5. It’s important to schedule follow-up consultations in the weeks after a C-section so your obstetrician can assess how your healing is progressing.

To sum up

Since every human body is unique, every scar is unique. If you are unsatisfied with your c-section scar, you can consult a cosmetic gynecologist (what is cosmetic gynecology?) for a better treatment plan to hide your worries, also check for FAQ about cosmetic gynecology. In EVA, we provide you with the best treatment option for c-section scars with advanced techniques and the best medical team.

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