how to increase female libido

How to increase female libido

how to increase female libido

Many women are unwilling to open up their most private topic with anyone, even their doctor of choice. The good news is that a variety of treatments are available to help with issues related to sexual health for women. With the help of this blog, let’s learn about how to increase female libido in depth.

How to increase female libido

There are several reasons why women may experience decreased sexual pleasure like poor lubrication, painful intercourse, low libido, etc. Stress between partners, anxiety, and sadness can come from these problems, which can have an immense effect on a woman’s self-esteem.

That’s why it’s vital to identify the best course of action to overcome these obstacles. Although this problem can be addressed in a variety of ways, let’s see about O shot in this blog.

What is an O shot?

A non-surgical approach to natural sexual enhancement, the O-Shot, often known as the Orgasm Shot, has improved sexual benefits for thousands of people worldwide. Moreover, this is a simple, secure, and effective process.

How it is done

This procedure uses platelet-rich plasma, often known as PRP, which is a nutrient-rich fraction of your blood. In this method, your blood is used to create Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is injected into the clitoris and the O-Spot (upper vaginal area). The growth factors that are released by the platelets facilitate orgasm by promoting clitoral and vaginal regeneration.

By rejuvenating and revitalizing clitoral and vaginal function, the O-Shot greatly improves sensitivity and increases sexual desire. Moreover, it can assist in treating urinary incontinence.

Benefits of O shots

Numerous advantages of this technique include:

*An improved ability to have an orgasm

*During intimacy, pain can be minimized or eliminated.

*Improved arousal from circulatory stimulation

*More frequent and stronger orgasms

*Decreased urinary incontinence

*An increase in vaginal lubrication

How far is the result

The majority of women will start to notice benefits in a few weeks, with three full months providing the most benefit.

Recovery period

It takes less than an hour to complete this process, after which you can drive yourself home. After the procedure, you can resume sexual activity about four hours later. Further, as soon as the procedure is completed, you can resume your regular activities.

To sum up

Thus, this blog has aided you in learning how to increase female libido. Moreover, many women have benefitted from using the O-shot procedure. At Eva, we use the most advanced treatment to deliver the greatest possible outcome.

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