how to know about Mixed urinary incontinence treatment

Mixed urinary incontinence treatment

how to know about Mixed urinary incontinence treatment

Urge urinary incontinence combined with stress urinary incontinence is known as mixed incontinence. Fortunately, mixed urinary incontinence is treatable even if it is an uncomfortable issue for many women. With this blog, let’s discuss mixed urinary incontinence treatment, symptoms, and causes in detail.

Mixed urinary incontinence

Women are more typically affected by this medical condition. Mixed incontinence is characterized by frequent desire to use the restroom(Urge incontinence) and leakage after physical exercise, coughing, or sneezing (Stress incontinence).


If any of the following symptoms relate to you, then you may have mixed incontinence.

*Loss of urine accompanied by an intense, unexpected urge to urinate

*Urinating when you’re asleep

*Sudden urge to urinate after consuming tiny amounts of fluids

*Urination brought on by laughing, coughing, or sneezing

*Exertion or hard lifting causing urination


Some common causes of mixed incontinence include:

*Pregnancy and childbirth

*Surgery to the rectum, prostate, or vagina

*Multiple sclerosis

*Parkinson’s disease

*Nerve damage

Mixed urinary incontinence treatment

The various treatment methods for mixed urinary incontinence are

Bladder training

Increasing the volume of fluid your bladder can hold and the intervals between bladder emptying are the two main objectives of bladder training. The sense of urgency and leaking may be lessened with the use of this training.

Kegel’s exercise

Exercises like Kegel’s are vital for reducing incontinence and keeping it from getting worse. Additionally, they can assist you in suppressing the urge to urinate. Moreover, the Kegel exercise helps to tone and strengthen the muscles that support the pelvic organs.


Your pelvic floor muscles, which are crucial for bladder control, can be strengthened and controlled with this method. Moreover, this technique shows you the muscles you are working out using computer graphs and audio tones.

Botox injections

Individuals suffering from urge incontinence are treated with botulinum toxin A, commonly referred to as botox. After injection, the greatest level of the reduction often appears seven days later and lasts for six to twelve months.


We are honoured to be a part of this exciting new development in the medical industry. This method aims to improve the treated tissues’ tone and firmness, which will further improve their capacity to hold urine. With the non-invasive, painless Fotona laser technique, women can immediately return to their daily routines and do not require any post-operative care.


Surgery is the last option if none of the above treatment options works for you. It is done to put the urethra and bladder neck back in their proper positions. Moreover, this approach is only used for the most severe cases of incontinence.

To conclude

We at Eva, provide you with the best-mixed incontinence treatment method with our best team of experts. Along with the above treatments some lifestyle modifications like adopting a proper diet, quitting smoking, etc can yield you the best possible outcome.

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