how to know what causes early ejaculation

how to know what causes early ejaculation

how to know what causes early ejaculation

One of the most common sexual issues among men is premature ejaculation. Men often have this problem, which may be annoying and even embarrassing. Moreover, if it occurs infrequently, there’s no need to be concerned. Let’s look over this blog on how to know what causes early ejaculation and its symptoms in detail.

What is early ejaculation?

The discharge of semen from the penis during an orgasm is known as ejaculation. Early or Premature ejaculation (PE) is the term given when ejaculation happens earlier than you or your partner would like to have. PE is also called rapid ejaculation and premature climax.

Connection between PE and ED

For men who experience erection issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE) can occasionally be an issue. Determining if an issue is with PE or ED can be challenging because an erection ends after ejaculation. Hence, treating ED first is ideal, once the ED is under control, PE might not be an issue.

What causes early ejaculation

Early ejaculation is influenced by a variety of factors in addition to psychological and emotional components.

Physical and chemical problems

*Abnormal levels of hormones

*Low levels of dopamine or serotonin, brain chemicals linked to excitement and desire during sexual activity.

*An extremely sensitive penis to stimulation.

*A diagnosis of underlying erectile dysfunction.

Psychological problems




*Relationship problems

*Lack of confidence

*Concern about your intercourse performance


Erections may not be as strong for some older men. Perhaps erections don’t last as long as they did before ejaculation. Hence, it could feel like ejaculation is about to come sooner. As a result of these modifications, an older man may ejaculate earlier.


The primary sign of premature ejaculation is the consistent inability to postpone ejaculation during sexual activity for longer than a minute after penetration. PE that occurs occasionally is usually not cause for concern. However, if PE is frequent or has persisted for a long time, then you could require proper treatment

We can categorise PE as lifelong and acquired. If you have had persistent or almost consistent PE since your first sexual encounter, you are considered to have had lifelong PE. Whereas, if you have ever had longer-lasting ejaculations but still got PE, then you are said to have acquired PE.

To sum up

Thus, you now how to know what causes early ejaculation through this blog. Both you and your partner may find premature ejaculation to be frustrating and less comfortable. Moreover,  nowadays dissatisfied sexual relationship is the main reason for marital disharmony. Fortunately, there is a remedy for it.

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