How to lift the breast

How to lift the breast

How to lift the breast


Numerous circumstances, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and childbirth, cause significant changes to your breasts. Eva offers a ground-breaking procedure called a “mummy makeover” to alter the appearance of your breasts as you wish. Read on to learn more about how to lift the breast and many more in this blog.

What are the procedures offered?

At EVA, we provide the following breast-related procedures both surgically and non-surgically

*Breast augmentation

*Breast lift

Breast augmentation

A common cosmetic procedure that enhances the size and shape of your breasts is called breast augmentation. Moreover, breast implants or fat transfer are two ways to increase the size of your breasts.

How it is done

Breast augmentation involves surgically inserting an implant or body fat behind each breast. The implants are placed either below the tissue of your natural breasts. As a result, this may cause your breasts to enlarge by one or more cups.

How to lift the breast

The procedure to raise, shape, and tighten the breasts is known as a breast lift or mastopexy. Moreover, breast augmentation or reduction can be paired with a breast lift.

How it is done


Your doctor will create a keyhole-shaped incision around your nipple and then down on your breast. After removing extra skin, tissue, and fat, your nipple is repositioned and the incisions are closed with stitches.

For breast lift, your doctor will note the exact location of your nipple. The doctor will trim any excess skin and raise your breast tissue appropriately.


The most recent technology, the FOTONA TIMEWALKER Laser has revolutionized in bringing up the non-surgical laser breast lift

The FOTONA SP DYNAMIS of the FOTONA TIMEWALKER laser system performs laser breast lifting. The FOTONA DYNAMIS SP PIANO MODE is a laser setting that heats the skin with long, controlled laser pulses.  Non-ablative lasers cause photothermal damage to the skin’s dermal layers, which starts the skin remodeling process.

For all skin types and breast sizes, FOTONA LASER breast lifting is a safe and efficient procedure. Further, if regular maintenance sessions are performed, the results of a FOTONA laser breast lifting procedure can be long-lasting.


The recovery of the above procedures depends on the person’s health condition and the treatment method. Non-surgical procedures will have quicker recovery compared to traditional surgical procedures.

Meanwhile, during recovery, avoid strenuous activity; if you feel any discomfort after surgery, immediately contact your doctor.

To summarize

Without hesitation, choose this procedure if you are uncomfortable with your breasts. Tell us about your concerns, and our expert will contact you to listen, understand, and gently assist you in resolving them.

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