How to lose body fat with cosmetic procedure

How to lose body fat

How to lose body fat with cosmetic procedure

If you’re tired of exercising and dieting to lose fat, don’t worry; we can assist you. At Eva, we can fulfill your desire with exclusive procedure liposuction. Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery that “sucks” away fat from the body. This blog covers the most needed topic on how to lose body fat with cosmetic procedures. Let’s look into the blog for more details.

What is liposuction

A cosmetic procedure for removing fat is liposuction. It assists in eliminating fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Individuals considering liposuction typically have a stable body weight but want to eliminate unwanted fat deposits in particular areas of their bodies.

Which body parts are the focus of this procedure

Each fat cell in an individual grows in volume and size as they gain weight. Fat cells in isolated areas are reduced by liposuction. The following body areas are commonly the target of liposuction procedures:





*Inner knees


*Flanks (love handles)

*The area beneath the chin and the neckline


*Upper arms

Why is liposuction performed?

A liposuction procedure is something you might think about if you:

*Have tried exercise and dieting for several years, but some body parts don’t respond or won’t naturally shrink.

*Wish to reduce fat deposits in your body.

*Desire to alter your body permanently

*Have Lymphedema, Gynecomastia or Lipodystrophy syndrome

How it is done

Different liposuction techniques are available to achieve various treatment goals. Various forms of liposuction include:

Tumescent liposuction

The most popular method involves the doctor injecting a sterile solution into the targeted fat-removal area. Further, the solution is composed of lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline, or salt water. With less pain and blood loss, the solution facilitates easier fat suctioning.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)

Under your skin, it uses sound wave energy to break down the fat cells. This makes the fat liquefiable so that it can be removed by suction.

Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL)

This method of fat removal is less invasive and bloody than traditional liposuction. A tiny tube is inserted through a tiny incision to deliver laser energy and heat into the fat beneath the skin. Further, to allow extra fluid and blood to exit the body after the procedure, the doctor might leave the incisions open.


As a precaution against infection, you’ll probably need to take some antibiotics. Most people can resume their regular activities in two weeks and return to work in a few days.

Are the Results Permanent?

With liposuction, the fat cells are permanently removed. However, if you develop new fat cells, which normally distribute throughout your body, you could put on weight again.

To sum up

You now know more about how to lose body fat through cosmetic procedures because of this blog. You can look and feel your best with a safe procedure that can improve your body contour. Moreover, weight loss is not treated with liposuction. Meanwhile, maintaining your new shape after the procedure depends on maintaining a healthy weight.

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