How to operate facelift without surgery with FOTONA 4D

facelift without surgery

How to operate facelift without surgery with FOTONA 4D

Would you turn down the opportunity to rejuvenate your face without undergoing surgery? Most of you won’t turn down this beneficial opportunity. At EVA Cosmo Laser Clinic, we provide facelift without surgery with our unique product FOTONA 4D. To know more about it let’s get deeper into this blog.

How facelift without surgery is done with FOTONA 4D

With FOTONA 4D, you can achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results without surgery or intrusive procedures. The FOTONA 4D laser is a four-step procedure. That targets the outermost, middle, and deepest layers of skin using the two distinct technologies of Nd-YAG and Er-YAG lasers.

Smooth lifting (1st step)

The first step in using FOTONA 4D is to tighten the area around the jaw line and perioral region by using laser energy inside the mouth. Along with reducing wrinkles and nasolabial folds, this technique will also naturally diminish expression lines.

FRAC (2nd step)

Subsequently, to enhance intraoral treatment, pigments and deeper flaws (such as deep wrinkles) are carefully targeted to restore a more consistent and youthful-looking face.

PIANO(3rd step)

The third phase involves heating the dermal layers deeply using the ND:YAG fractionated laser, which initiates the process of strengthening the skin structures. To gradually tighten and restructure the skin from the inside out, this technique uniformly promotes collagen.

SUPERFICIAL (4th step)

Finally, to enhance the skin’s look and treat flaws at the surface, a gentle laser peel is performed. By decreasing pore size, wrinkles, and fine lines, superficial treatments safely rejuvenate the skin. Your skin will look tighter and more revitalized right away, and you’ll have a radiant youthful appearance.

What happens during the procedure

It is a non-invasive laser process that takes 30 to 45 minutes. As each person is unique, the treatment area usually feels gradually warmer. After a few minutes, you might feel sensations of heat in the area that are treated for a brief period and then go away.

Soon after the procedure, there is an instant freshness and tightness in the face. But the entire effect takes two to three months to become noticeable.

To conclude

Thus, facelift without surgery with FOTONA 4D are performed systematically, with each step of the procedure having a distinct function in the restoration of skin integrity from the inside out. Additionally, it is entirely risk-free when performed at a reputable facility like EVA cosmetic gynecology clinic.

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