How to tighten loose skin and its method

how to tighten loose skin

How to tighten loose skin and its method


A person’s confidence is always correlated with their overall appearance. At some point in time, your skin may become loose or sagging for a variety of reasons, which will suppress you. Consequently, you will think of ways “how to tighten loose skin”. When we provide you with a painless, non-invasive solution to your problem, will you ever deny it? Read on to learn more about our solution in this blog.

Causes of loose skin

Some causes of loose skin are as follows:

*Weight loss


*The effects of ageing

How to tighten loose skin

There are several methods for tightening the skin, including firming products, exercise, and massage. However, the majority won’t yield noticeable outcomes. At Eva, we provide a non-surgical way to tighten your skin with our premium equipment FOTONA TIMEWALKER laser.


When using a FOTONA LASER for skin tightening, the subcutaneous layers of the skin are gradually heated using a piano mode. Even after just one session, the skin shows improvement due to the thermal effects of the laser on the dermis, increasing its elasticity. Piano Mode stimulates collagen, which in turn raises activity in the skin’s cellular structures.

An increase in collagen gives the skin’s structure and form more support. Skin tightening and a decrease in wrinkles are obvious signs of the support that collagen production provides.

Benefits of this procedure

The benefits of this procedure are as follows.


*Requires no downtime

*No post operative care is needed

*Patients can resume their work after the procedure

What areas are possible to treat?

The most often treated areas by this procedure are

*Reduces the signs of early aging on the face.

*Lessens the visible sagging of the neck beneath the chin.

.*Tightens the skin on the chest and also lifts the breast.

*Enhances the appearance of the skin around the breasts and inner arms by lifting and tightening the skin in these areas.

*Tightens the skin all through the entire abdomen.

*Compress the skin on the back of the legs, thighs, and inner and outer thighs.

*Tightens the calf skin.

*Treatments for knee rejuvenation that tighten and elevate the skin surrounding the knees.

*Tightens the skin at the crease that separates the buttocks from the thigh on the lower portion of the buttock.

To summarize

Thus, if you’re interested in skin tightening in a specific area of your body, contact our clinic. We will settle on the most effective method for body skin rejuvenation with FOTONA LASER TREATMENTS.

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