how to treat orgasmic disorder in women

Orgasmic disorder in women

how to treat orgasmic disorder in women

Women have problems with intimacy, just like men have, and these issues should be addressed. Orgasmic disorder in women is defined as the inability or delay of a woman to experience a sexual climax (orgasm), even when sexual stimulation is sufficient.

Fortunately, this issue can be effectively resolved at our clinic with high-end procedures. Let’s take a closer look at this blog to see how it’s done.

Orgasmic disorder in women

Usually, an interaction between the mind and body occurs during a sexual reaction. Therefore, both have to be in good functioning order for an orgasm to happen. Meanwhile, other sexual issues are that women with orgasmic conditions may have pain during intercourse and involuntary constriction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening when entry into the vagina is attempted.


The causes of orgasmic disorder in women are

*Surrounding factors (Lack of knowledge about sexual function, partner’s issues etc)

*Psychological factors

*Intake of certain medications

*Physical disorders (Diabetes, spinal cord injuries etc)


Treatment for orgasmic disorder in women

Psychological therapies

Psychological therapy can assist women in recognizing and managing concerns related to their sexual performance and partner trust. Further, women and their partners who are experiencing challenges with their sexual lives, such as relationship problems or particular sexual issues, can find relief through sex therapy.


Doctors might suggest women experiment with self-stimulation (masturbation) to discover what kind of touch is stimulating and pleasurable.

New venture – Usage of Shots

Women can get back their feeling of sexual enhancement like before with our popular Orgasmic shots such as Kamasutra shots, O shot-like  shots and G shot-like shots. These shots are painless procedures and do not require any surgical process. Furthermore, it can be carried out as an outpatient process.

The main aim of these shots is to increase the female orgasm thereby increasing the satisfaction of engaging in sexual activity. At EVA, we perform this procedure with novel techniques and utmost care.

New revolution(Fotona Time Walker)

At EVA, we assist women in overcoming other sexual issues in addition to treating orgasmic disorders in women. Reduced vaginal lubrication, pain and discomfort during sexual activity, and a decreased sense of excitement are common symptoms associated with female sexual dysfunction.

Our superior product, the Fotona Time Walker, effectively addresses these problems. The newest generation of surgical lasers provides less intrusive, faster, and safer treatment options.

The patented Fotona SMOOTH laser pulses stimulate a special kind of non-ablative thermal stimulation that aids in vaginal restoration and improves intimacy between couples.

To summarize

According to surveys, as many as 50% of women express dissatisfaction with the frequency of their orgasms. As such, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re experiencing any sexual discomfort. We offer our assistance using our modern approach, and you will quickly feel better.

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