how to treat Stress urinary incontinence with Fotona Starformer

Stress urinary incontinence treatment

how to treat Stress urinary incontinence with Fotona Starformer

Many individuals typically deal with several health-related difficulties every day; some are spoken about, while others are kept silent. Eva addresses many unspoken difficulties individuals have, such as stress urinary incontinence treatment and many others. The primary thrust of this blog is on the most novel technique employed at our clinic, Fotona Starformer. Let’s dive deeper into this blog for more information on this technique.

What is Fotona Starformer

The newest gynecological breakthrough from Fotona is StarFormer, which uses high-intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation (HITS) to quickly and effortlessly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Using non-invasive HITS technology, the StarFormer Intima Wave treatment targets specific muscle tissues to strengthen, tone, and firm the pelvic floor muscles, effectively treating urine incontinence.

How it works

During this therapy, the patient is seated in a comfortable Intima Wave chair with built-in applicators. Here, the pelvic floor muscle’s motor neurons are stimulated by a targeted, time-varying magnetic field that enters the perineum. Every magnetic pulse causes the pelvic muscles to contract and relax, thereby resulting in the strengthening of the muscles.

Rehabilitating the pelvic floor muscles to lessen urine incontinence is the aim of this therapy. Further, functional magnetic stimulation, or FMS, is beneficial for persistent low back pain, fecal incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

Moreover, the treatment has no known adverse effects, is painless, and is non-invasive.

Which medical conditions are treated by the starformer device?

The following conditions can be treated with StarFormer Intima Wave:

  1. Stress urinary incontinence
  2. Urge urinary incontinence
  3. Fecal incontinence
  4. Postpartum rehabilitation
  5. Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation after surgery
  6. Low back pain
  7. Sexual function
  8. Chronic prostatitis
  9. Erectile dysfunction

Other benefits of this treatment

*You may improve stability and posture by strengthening your core by simultaneously working on the muscles of your back, abdominal wall, and pelvic floor.

*Safe, quick, and easy muscle strengthening


*Walk-in/walk-out procedure

*High success rate and patient satisfaction

*No preparation needed

To sum up

You now have a greater understanding of Starformer in stress urinary incontinence treatment and many other issues through this blog. Thus, depending on your desired course of treatment, this innovative non-invasive technology is incredibly flexible and offers a wide range of health, medical, and aesthetic advantages.

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