know more about What is PRP treatment

What is PRP treatment

know more about What is PRP treatment

Like many other sectors in the modern era, the medical field has also advanced with many newest technologies. PRP is one of the breakthroughs in the medical sector. Obviously, “What is PRP treatment?” is the query that will come next to your mind. Let’s read on further to know more about it in detail in this blog.

What are plasma and platelet?

Before entering into the world of PRP, let’s get to know about plasma and platelets. The whole blood’s liquid component is called plasma. It is mostly made up of proteins and water, and it acts as a medium for the body’s red, white, and platelet circulation.

Whereas, blood cells called platelets are responsible for blood clotting along with performing other essential growth and healing functions.

What is PRP treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma is commonly known as PRP. It is a form of regenerative medicine. Further, it is a novel method of obtaining platelets along with growth factors which has a breakthrough in almost every speciality of medicine. Put more simply, PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is an injection-based substance that can support the healing process.

Where it is used

The most common areas where PRP is used are




*Cosmetic Gynecology


* The famous shots used in sexual enhancements like the O shot and Kamasutra shot

How it is done

To prepare PRP injections, your blood is collected in one or more tubes. After that, the blood is separated into its various components using a centrifuge, including platelets, plasma, red and white blood cells, etc.

Notably, the process of obtaining PRP needs technological precision and a special PRP centrifuge machine which is ideally temperature-controlled for the best treatment results. Following separation, an expert prepares to inject the plasma into the affected area.

There is a 3 to 8 times concentration of platelet above the physiological level in PRP. It amplifies the natural growth factors found in your blood and helps in healing damaged tissues. Moreover,it optimises the inflammatory response associated with healing.

Furthermore, there are many PRP kits available which are used for preparing PRP.

Side effects and recovery

PRP injections are usually administered as outpatient procedures. The side effects are negligible since it is prepared from one’s own blood.

If PRP is given to the injured part,your doctor could advise you to rest the injured area. These recommendations, meanwhile, are less about the PRP injections and more about the ailment. Further, most individuals can continue their daily activities following PRP injections.

To sum up

As a result, this blog has helped you to clarify your question, “What is PRP treatment?”. Therefore, this smart technique leads to minimally invasive and patient-friendly treatment.

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