know more interesting facts about robotic laser treatment

laser treatment

know more interesting facts about robotic laser treatment

We are all familiar with laser therapy, but robotic laser therapy is a relatively recent breakthrough in the field of healthcare. We are thrilled to present “Fotona time walker,” our robotic laser treatment equipment to ease all your discomforts. As every term hear sounds new, read on further to know many more interesting facts about robotic laser treatment in detail in this blog.

About Fotona Time Walker for gynecological treatments

A novel laser platform specifically designed for gynecological treatments is TimeWalkerIntimaLaser. For a variety of gynecological applications, safe and proven techniques are available, ranging from non-invasive therapies for pelvic floor disorders to easy lesion removal and bloodless high-precision cutting.

High-precision, minimally invasive clinical, cosmetic, and surgical treatments can be performed with ease with the TimeWalkerIntimaLaser, resulting in quick recovery periods and excellent patient satisfaction.

With the help of the Fotona time walker, the following major issues can be resolved

*Stress urinary incontinence

*Vaginal relaxation syndrome

*Vaginal atrophy

*Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)

*Pelvic organ prolapse

Additional ablative procedures by Fotona Time Walker are


*Episiotomy scars

*C-section scars


*HPV lesions


*Traumatic scars

Additional non-ablative procedures by Fotona Time Walker are

*Vascular lesions

*Hair removal

*Polyp removal

*Intrauterine myomectomy

*Photo biomodulation for pain reduction

*Mucosa and skin wound healing

Other features of Fotona Time Walker In time laser

With the help of the integrated robotic G-Runner scanner, laser energy can be delivered automatically and optimally with great accuracy and precision, resulting in shorter treatment times and more user comfort and convenience.

Further, the result of Fotona Smooth is an overall increase in the thickness of the vaginal wall, functional improvement of the mucosal tissue, and functional strengthening of the connective tissue inside the vaginal wall.

About Fotona Time Walker 4D

The latest and most modern facelift therapy without surgery or a recovery period is known as TimeWalker Fotona4D.It is a skin-tightening and suppleness-improving treatment for various flaws in the face.

Major Uses of Fotona Time Walker 4D

*Non-invasive facelift– By stimulating collagen remodeling and increased production, the procedure makes the skin appear more plump.

* Skin tightening– Four modalities of the process can reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and nasolabial folds, as well as other areas of the face.

* Skin rejuvenation– It is the process evens out skin tone, corrects inconsistencies in tone and texture, and lessens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

* Non-invasive lip plumping– The procedure makes your lips appear softer and more satisfied.

Benefits of Fotona Time Walker 4D

The following are a few of the incredible advantages of TimewalkerFotona4D treatment.

*Skin will look younger

*Better skin tone and texture

*Skin tightening

*Enhanced plumpness in the lips

Time to experience a new beginning

Make use of Time Walker Fotona4D for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. This therapy combines four distinct modes to yield the best possible outcome. Moreover, every mode focuses on distinct layers of skin to revitalize the skin from the inside out.

To sum up

Discover how a non-invasive technique can make your skin appear younger through the Fotona time walker. Hence, visit our EVA without any anxiety or delay to bring your physical and emotional well-being back into balance with the help of advanced robotic laser treatment.

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