know WHAT IS vaginal relaxation syndrome

Vaginal relaxation syndrome

know WHAT IS vaginal relaxation syndrome

Normally, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can cause changes to a woman’s pelvic organ. Vaginal relaxation syndrome is one of the issues which results as an effect of these modifications. To your surprise, you can overcome this issue with our queen product Fotona time walker. Discover more about vaginal relaxation syndrome and our product, the Fotona time walker, with the assistance of this blog.

What is vaginal relaxation syndrome?

Increased vaginal wall inner diameter is known as vaginal relaxation syndrome. To put it another way, this condition is characterized by a stretching of the vaginal walls. Vaginal relaxation syndrome is a common condition after delivery that results from overstretching of the vaginal wall.

The cause also includes a natural decline in collagen production brought on by ageing and the congenital weakening of the connective tissue.


Symptoms of vaginal relaxation are

*Increase in vaginal pressure during the day

*Stress incontinence

*Vaginal wall prolapse

*Difficulty in emptying your bladder and having a bowel movement

* Loss of sexual sensations during intercourse

Treatment for vaginal relaxation syndrome

Traditional treatment

Here, invasive surgery, such as anterior and posterior vaginal plastic surgery, which might cause post-operative difficulties, is the only way to obtain effective outcomes.

Trans vaginal laser treatment

By stimulating the production of collagen and reconstructing the vaginal walls, trans vaginal laser therapy efficiently repairs and rebuilds damaged tissue.  Moreover, it is a non-surgical treatment.

Intima laser treatment

Vaginal relaxation syndrome can be effectively treated with this incision-free laser treatment. At EVA, we use this modern technique with the best medical team. The cornerstone of the Intima Laser treatment is a unique laser technology known as Fotona SMOOTH, which makes it possible to utilize laser energy pulses that are specifically suited to the tissue of the vaginal mucosa.

The finely controlled energy pulses of the Fotona SMOOTH are intended to create heat effects in the vaginal tissue, promoting the creation of new collagen fibers and collagen remodeling. As a result of collagen remodeling and neogenesis, the vaginal canal will become tighter.

Advantages of Intima laser

The following are this procedure’s main benefits:

*Virtually painless procedure

*A fifteen-minute walk-in/walk-out technique

*Ablation, slicing, bleeding, and sutures are not required.

*Antibiotics and anesthesia are not needed.

*There is no need for extra pre- or post-operative care.

*Individuals can get right back to their regular daily routines.

*The clinical results show increased sexual satisfaction, a tighter vaginal canal, and a marked improvement in the patient’s quality of life after just one treatment.

To sum up

For many women, vaginal relaxation syndrome may be a troublesome condition. Another major challenge is that a lot of women find it difficult to deal with this issue in their daily lives and won’t talk about it openly. If you ever face this issue don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with the best treatment with advanced techniques and utmost care.

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