Laser Surgery for Piles

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Laser Surgery for Piles

Piles are one of the most prevalent anorectal medical problems which are medically termed hemorrhoids. Laser surgery for piles is the most common and advanced method of treatment used nowadays. When the patient is in extreme pain and suffering severely, it is regarded as the best treatment procedure. In this blog post, let’s look in depth at what piles are and how to treat them.

What are Piles

In and around the anal region, there are lumps called piles. The pain and bleeding in the anal area are brought on by swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus. Moreover, hemorrhoids can be classified into external and internal. Hemorrhoids that develop under the skin around your anus are termed external hemorrhoids. Whereas, internal hemorrhoids develop in the lower rectus and anus linings of the body.


The typical causes of hemorrhoids are

*Straining during bowel movements




Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are

*Blood during passing Stools


*Swelling in the anal region

*Hard lump in the rectum


Simply by looking, one may identify external hemorrhoids. The clinical rectal examination may be used to diagnose internal hemorrhoids.


Increased fiber intake, drinking enough water, maintaining good cleanliness, using lotions or ointments, and avoiding straining during bowel movements are some of the home remedies that can help in treating hemorrhoids. Whereas, surgery is required for more serious situations. Surgery can be both traditional and advanced laser techniques. Depending on the patient’s wish and their medical condition, your doctor may go with any of the favorable surgical procedures.

Laser Surgery for Piles

The damaged hemorrhoidal tissue is accurately targeted and treated in this procedure using a laser beam. During the process, a specialized laser instrument releases high-intensity light radiation that can reduce or eliminate the hemorrhoids.

Benefits of laser surgery for piles

Some of the benefits of choosing laser surgery for piles are

*Painless procedure-It is one of the less painful surgical treatments for piles.

* Safest treatment method-The procedure is safe because it doesn’t produce any sparks, steam, or smoke

*Fewer bleeding-The tissues surrounding the hemorrhoid are unaffected by this procedure, resulting in minimal bleeding.

*Rapid treatment-Compared to traditional surgery, laser surgery takes a lot less time to be done.

*Speedy Discharge-Within a few hours of the surgery being completed, the patient can be discharged.

*Quick Recovery-With a minimum of two days of rest, patients can resume their regular activities.

To sum up:

Thus, laser surgery of piles acts as the most advantageous treatment method compared to traditional surgery with no cuts and scars in addition. With the greatest medical tools and advanced technology, EVA provides the best treatment for piles. To get rid of piles, schedule a consultation with our clinic as soon as possible.

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