list out important Laser breast lifting FAQ

Laser breast lifting

list out important Laser breast lifting FAQ

As technology advances, all medical procedures can be completed using cutting-edge methods, including breast lifts. Even though technology makes treatment approaches easier, people frequently have many queries about it. Through this blog, we solve all your concerns regarding laser breast lifting.

How is Laser breast lifting performed?

Laser breast-lifting procedures are performed with FOTONA’S advanced dual-wavelength technology, which treats the breast tissue area in two steps in a single treatment.

Laser breast lifting FAQ

Is it a safe procedure?

The FOTONA SP DYNAMIS laser system is used for laser breast lifting. It is a safe and effective way to treat skin, minimizing indications of aging in the targeted skin areas without harming neighboring tissue cells. Further, all skin types and breast sizes can benefit from using FOTONA laser breast lifting safely and efficiently.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

*Women who have given birth

*Female whose breast skin is aging.

*Women whose breasts are losing volume, sagging, and have loose skin

*Women who want to take precautionary action to lessen the likelihood that their breasts may age

What’s the duration of the results?

With routine maintenance appointments, the results of a FOTONA laser breast lifting procedure can be long-lasting, lasting 12 to 18 months. Meanwhile, treatments should be continued once a year to maintain the effects of laser breast-lifting procedures.

In a laser breast lift, which breast areas are treated?

To effectively reduce the size and form of the breasts and to raise the skin, the entire breast area is treated.  Further, the décolleté area (the region of your neck and chest) is also commonly treated to provide the skin that supports the breasts with a lifting effect. Meanwhile, it does not involve treating the areola or nipple of the breasts.

Is Laser Breast Lifting Safe for Women Who Are Breastfeeding or Pregnant?

Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant are not the best candidates for this treatment. Moreover, pregnant and nursing women are advised to start their laser breast lift procedures after they have completed breastfeeding their child.

Can breast augmentation women have a breast lift?

To assist in raising and tightening the tissues above the implant, women who have undergone breast augmentations can also undergo breast-lifting operations. On the other hand, laser breast-lifting procedures are also beneficial for patients who have undergone breast-reduction surgery. However, before beginning laser breast lifting treatments, all patients who have undergone surgery must wait a total of 12 months.

To sum up

Consequently, you now have a greater understanding of laser breast lifting procedures and their common questions through this blog. Don’t worry if you’re still unclear about this process; contact us and we’ll help you find the ideal answer.

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