Low sex drive in women

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Low sex drive in women

(Do I have any serious problems as I have a low sex drive)

“I cannot enjoy sex with my partner. It’s become a chore just like cleaning and cooking”. This is a common statement from many middle-aged women recently. This issue is medically termed orgasmic dysfunction. Women’s sexual preferences change over time in a normal way. The low sex drive in women might be caused by a variety of factors. Check out this blog to learn more about orgasmic dysfunction.

Orgasmic dysfunction

Normally, a complicated interaction between the mind and body occurs during a sexual response. For an orgasm to occur, both must be in good working order. Female orgasmic dysfunction is when the woman gets sexually excited, she has trouble reaching orgasm(climax) and therefore she could not enjoy sex. At the height of sexual excitation, people experience orgasms, which are highly pleasurable feelings of release and involuntary pelvic floor contractions. Even after receiving sufficient sexual stimulation, many women still struggle to experience orgasm with a partner.

Effects of Female orgasmic dysfunction

Many women may have the following consequences as a result of orgasmic dysfunction.
*This could have a big impact on the intimate relationship with your partner
*This could lead to many marital problems in their family
*Women may lose their self-confidence

Do men experience orgasmic dysfunction

Orgasmic dysfunction can also occur in men, but it is considerably less common. At some time in their lives, a lot of men encounter disruption or disturbance of their ejaculatory function.

Symptoms of Orgasmic dysfunction

When a woman has orgasmic dysfunction, the climax may be difficult to reach, unsatisfactory, or impossible. The main symptoms of orgasmic dysfunction are as follows
*Inability to achieve sexual climax
*Unsatisfying orgasm
*Taking longer time than normal to reach climax
There are many variations in the experience of orgasms as well as their duration.

To Conclude:

The low sex drive in women can be treated once the issues are addressed by the doctor. If you think, you have orgasmic dysfunctions, try to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic gynaecologist at the earliest. Feel free to open up about your unspoken issues with her to get better treatment. She will be able to diagnose your problem and give you a treatment plan. Always, keep in mind that you’re not alone to face this issue. And finally, you can get back to romantic times again with proper treatment and care.

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