Treatment for thyroid

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Treatment for thyroid

(Novel nonsurgical treatment for thyroid nodule)

A thyroid nodule is an abnormal development of cells on your thyroid gland. They are often non-cancerous and common. Rarely they are cancerous. In addition to being formed of solid tissue, thyroid nodules can contain other fluid content which is not only blood but also clear fluid and jelly-like material. This issue can be effectively treated. Let’s take a closer look at this blog to learn more about the non-surgical treatment for thyroid nodules.

Treatment for thyroid nodule

The treatment for thyroid nodules involves both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The thyroid specialist may select any of the procedures depending on the patient’s preferences and general health. Thyroid nodule otherwise known as Goiter is treated with an operation which is called thyroidectomy.


A thyroidectomy is the medical term for the surgical removal of the thyroid gland. Normal thyroid hormone values are necessary before voluntary thyroid surgery. A thyroid ultrasound scan and FNAC-Fine needle aspiration cytology(not only for lymph nodes) of Goiter are other necessary investigations required before surgery. A normal thyroidectomy lasts one to two hours. Depending on the complexity of the operation, it could take longer or less time.

Thyroxine tablet replacement is mandatory for post-thyroidectomy patients. Some people may experience hoarse or weak voices after a thyroidectomy, along with neck pain. These signs usually disappear shortly.

Thyroid micro ablation

Thyroid micro ablation is a new method of treatment by which thyroid nodules are ablated. As a result of this procedure, the thyroid nodules shrink by 80% in size within a period of 6 months and will become non-visible. Nodule less than 3cm in size and FNAC wise cancer negative tumor can be treated by this method.

Advantage of micro ablation of thyroid

*Micro ablation is a daycare procedure by which the treatment will be completed within a few hours.

*Moreover, the patient can return home on the same day of treatment.

*The biggest advantage of this treatment is, there is no scar in the neck and no general anesthesia is needed.

*On the day of the procedure itself, the patient can eat and return to work.

*Microablation uses local heating up of the tissues in the nodule and allows the enlarged tissue to undergo natural volume reduction

*Another major benefit is that surgery is not required and thyroid hormone function is retained

*The key advantage is that the majority of patients do not require lifelong replacement medication.

To conclude:

Currently, the micro ablation of thyroid nodules is used to treat nodules other than cancer. It can also be used to treat cancer if it is less than 1 cm in selected patients. Although the treatment of thyroid nodules involves surgical and non-surgical procedures, patients usually choose the nonsurgical because of its advantages. Thus, feel free to discuss your worries with your thyroid specialist and get treated.

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