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(How to keep the vagina healthy)

Your reproductive system plays a big role in your body, so it’s crucial to maintain your vaginal health. The vagina is an essential component of the reproductive system and all women should be concerned about it. Having a healthy vagina act as a shield for various vaginal infections. In this blog let’s see some tips to keep the vagina healthy.

What are vagina and vulva?

Most of you would confuse the vagina with the vulva, so let’s look at their differences to help you understand it. The vagina connects to your cervix and serves as the birth canal. It is defined by its ability to change shape and is not visible from the outside. Whereas the vulva is the outside area of your genitals which can be seen.

Tips to have good vaginal health

Avoid douching

Naturally, vaginas are good at keeping themselves clean. They do this by keeping a good balance of healthy bacteria and PH levels on their own. Thus, no douching is needed to have a healthy vagina. Douching is the process of washing or cleansing the inner part of the vagina with water or other fluid mixtures. Moreover, douching reduces some of the beneficial bacteria, which alters the pH and increases your vulnerability to infections.

Keep a healthy diet for vaginal health

The health of the vagina depends on having a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and drinking plenty of water. Having probiotic foods like yoghurt can maintain the pH levels in your vagina, thereby preventing yeast infections and helping in reducing odor.

Dress in breathable materials

The best thing you can do for your vagina is to wear cotton underwear. Its ability to absorb moisture helps to reduce the amount of moisture content that might favor bacterial growth. Furthermore, changing your underwear regularly and after getting wet helps lower the risk of infections.

Follow safer sexual practices

Practice safer sex, which is one of the best and simplest things you can do for the health of your vagina. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be avoided by using condoms during sexual activity. Moreover, make sure you verify the condom’s ingredients.

Verify the components of your lubricant

Lubrication can take sex to the next level. Some lubricant ingredients can change the natural bacterial growth and pH level in the vaginal ecosystem. Hence, it’s better to check on the lubricant’s ingredients before you use it.

Do not remove your pubic hair

Pubic hair protects your down part from excess bacteria. Moreover, it helps in eliminating sweating and friction-related problems. Hence, it’s better to leave some pubic hair than to completely shave it.

General guidelines

Maintaining good hygiene will protect the health of your vagina. During your periods, replace your sanitary pads frequently. To prevent bacterial contamination of the vagina and to reduce the risk of bladder infection, wipe after a bowel movement from front to back.

To summarize

Thus, to have good vaginal health you can do a lot of simple things every day. Additionally, good perinatal care may also help to keep your vagina healthy. Furthermore, if you have any vaginal infections, don’t delay to see your doctor.

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