Virginity testing

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Virginity testing

(Who is a virgin and is there a virginity test?)

A virgin is someone who has never had any sexual relations. But people perceive sex and virginity in different ways. To find out whether a female has had sexual contact or not, the practice of virginity testing is done. Testing for an intact hymen is commonly considered as virginity testing. But what is real? Let’s see in this blog.

Who is a virgin?

Since sex normally has multiple meanings for different people, virginity also has varied meanings. A lot of people believe that sex simply refers to vaginal penetration, but there are other types like oral sex and anal sex. There are people who can be lesbian, gay or bisexual who may not have vaginal sex (penis in vagina). However, they are also not virgins.

What is the hymen?

Losing virginity is the breaking of the hymen” – the most common belief. Hymen is an elastic tissue at the entry of the vagina. It may be irregular in shape and don’t cover completely. In your body or reproductive system, your hymen has no function. It prevents foreign things or bacteria from entering your vagina. Although the hymen breaks up at first coitus (sexual intercourse), there are situations also like horse riding, cycling, and injury where it could be broken

Your hymen can’t expand back once it has been stretched open. Light bleeding or spotting, pain, or exposed skin near your vaginal opening could be signs of a broken hymen. When it breaks down, it may sometimes reappear in your vagina as a tiny flap of skin.

Is having a hymen a sign of virginity?

Some individuals think that if your hymen is stretched open, you are not a virgin. Being a virgin and having a hymen, however, are not the same. Few girls have congenital absences of a hymen. Thus, you can’t categorize those women as losing virginity type.

Virginity -the meaning varies

Depending on the circumstances in which a person loses their virginity, virginity has varied meanings for different people. Sex is done with the consent of both partners. But, if a woman undergoes sexual assault or rape, here the definition of virginity is very complicated. It’s up to you to believe what is a virgin.

To sum up

A girl’s broken hymen does not indicate that she has engaged in sexual activity. Typically, it is a myth. Virginity testing can be a frightening experience. In some instances of rape or sexual assault against women, doctors perform vaginal testing. Hence, virginity testing, commonly testing for an intact hymen may not be scientifically appropriate in all situations.

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