What are breast lumps

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What are breast lumps

A breast lump can be frightening and stressful to notice. The most important things to take into consideration are the causes of breast lumps. Although there are numerous causes of breast pain, breast lumps are one of them. In this blog let’s see what are breast lumps, their causes and treatment in detail.

What are breast lumps:

Breast lumps are a common problem in women. Breast cancer is mostly presented as breast lumps. There are several different tissue types in the female breast. Milk is produced by milk glands and travels to the nipple by milk ducts.

The breast also has lymph nodes near the armpit, fatty tissues, fibrous connective tissues, and blood arteries. Breast lumps are the result of growing inner breast tissue. A breast lump may feel hard or different from the rest of your breast tissue.

Causes of breast lumps:

Usually, breast lumps are of two types

*Physiological breast lumps

*Pathological breast lumps

Physiological breast lumps:

It is caused by hormonal changes. You may experience breast lumpiness or pain before menstruation, and following menstruation, your lump will usually reduce. You shouldn’t be concerned because it is simply natural. But, if this lumpiness is very severe and causes problems then we call it a fibrocystic change. You experience lumpiness with cobblestone texture in your breast if you have fibrocystic breast changes.

Pathological breast lumps:

Fibroadenoma-It is a non-cancerous tumor that arises from mammary gland tissue(milk gland). It is more common in young women in their reproductive years(the 20s and 30s)

Breast Cyst-It is a condition where fluid collects in a dilated milk duct.  You may notice your lumps being firm, smooth, and round

Lipoma- It is a fatty lump that is slow-growing and noncancerous.

Breast abscesses – Here, breast lumps result from an accumulation of infectious fluid (abscess) in breast tissue.

Breast cancer –Breast cancer is not always caused by breast lumps. If your breast lumps are associated with signs of breast cancer , then you may have a chance of breast cancer. Breast cancer is usually a painless hard irregular mass.

Tips to detect breast lumps:

If discovered at an early stage, breast lumps are easily treatable. To find any lumps in your breasts, you must first examine them. The consistency, size, and shape of the breast might differ from woman to woman. These differences can be seen in the same woman’s breasts from one to another.

Moreover, due to hormonal changes, the consistency of the breast changes even within a month. Fixing a day each month to examine your breasts regularly is an ideal technique. While examining, if you find any skin changes or feel any lumps in your breast then you should contact your gynecologist and go for further treatment. 

Treatment for breast lumps:

At breast clinics, gynecologists will examine your body, get a thorough medical history from you, and then decide whether to perform some tests for you. The tests for detecting breast lumps include.

*Sono mammogram(test done using ultrasound)

*X-ray mammogram

This test helps in the precise detection of breast tumors. Additionally, a biopsy test is suggested to identify the nature of the tumor following detection. One of the biopsy tests is FNAC which involves removing a cell from a suspicious area with a fine needle and sending it for testing. Another type of test is core biopsy which involves removing tissue from a suspicious area with a slightly larger needle for testing. Depending on the test results, the doctor will let you know whether it can be treated with medicine or surgery.

To Conclude:

Well, now you have got an idea about what are breast lumps, their causes and treatments from this blog. Hence, self-examine your breast and detect the cause of breast lumps at an early stage. Further, consult your gynecologist and get your issues solved.

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