WHAT ARE THE BEST UNIQUE Treatment for vaginal itching

Treatment for vaginal itching

WHAT ARE THE BEST UNIQUE Treatment for vaginal itching

With no hesitation, you will look for a remedy whenever you have an issue. Likewise, you will undoubtedly look for a suitable remedy for your vaginal itching. This blog helps you to travel into the world of various options for treatment for vaginal itching. Let’s get started.

When to see your doctor

If your vaginal itching lasts longer than a week or if it is accompanied by other symptoms like pain or tenderness in the genital area, genital redness or swelling, difficulty urinating, an unusual vaginal discharge, or discomfort during sexual activity, then you should see your doctor.

Treatment for vaginal itching

The specific condition causing the problem will determine the necessary course of treatment.

Yeast infections

Vaginal yeast infections are treated with antifungal medications. And, they are available as tablets, ointments, and creams among other forms.

Bacterial vaginosis(BV)

Antibiotics are frequently used to treat BV. Further, these could be applied topically to your vagina or taken as tablets.


Antibiotics, antivirals, or antiparasitics may be used to treat STIs (Sexually transmitted Infections), depending on the kind of infection. Moreover, your doctor may advise you to refrain from sexual activity until the infection clears up.

Other causes

When you quit using irritants, other forms of vaginal itching and irritation frequently go away on their own. If you face vaginal itching due to skin conditions, stress, etc then see your doctor to receive better treatment.


Using an estrogen cream, tablets, or vaginal moisturizer can help relieve menopause-related vaginal irritation. If none of these are helping, then our most recent technology is vital for fixing your problem. At our cosmetic gynecology clinic, we use the most innovative product FOTONA to resolve this issue.

How it works

The non-invasive, non-ablative FOTONA RENOVALASE laser treatment is intended to relieve vaginal itching in postmenopausal women. With no thermal or ablative damage, the RENOVALASE treatment is based on controlled and mild heating of the vaginal tissue by a laser. This process promotes angiogenesis, fibroblast activity, and the synthesis of new collagen.

Finally, the result is a reduction in symptoms including itching, dryness, and irritation. It is safe because the complimentary laser pierces deeply to produce heat effects without harming the skin’s surface and the process requires no downtime. Moreover, you can resume your daily activities very soon after the procedure.

To conclude

Thus, if the discomfort persists for a long time, then contact your doctor immediately and get appropriate treatment for vaginal itching. For more information about issues with vaginal itching, get in touch with our Eva Cosmo Laser Clinic.

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