What is a mommy makeover and its recovery

What is a mommy makeover

What is a mommy makeover and its recovery

Many physical changes happen in the body during pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss etc. Mommy makeovers are one of the methods of restoring your body to your desired state. Certainly, what is a mommy makeover would be the first thought that may arise in you once you hear this term. Let’s know about it in depth in this blog.

What is a mommy makeover?

The term “mommy makeover” is an umbrella term for a specific set of body reshaping treatments that are done in combination to address physical changes that occur after delivery for women. After giving birth, the mother’s confidence may be weakened by her sagging breasts, stretch marks, and fat deposits around her hips and abdomen.

This procedure is tailored to meet every woman’s needs. Further, your body will be reshaped to its pre-pregnancy state after the treatment, which also increases your self-confidence.

What makes a mommy makeover?

A reshaping usually focuses on breast, abdomen, and pelvic floor rehabilitation because these are the main parts of the body that alter with pregnancy.

It commonly includes the following procedures

*Stretch marks reduction

*Skin tightening

*Abdominal muscle strengthening commonly called Tummy tucking

*Pelvic muscles rehabilitation

*Breast lift

These all can be done non-surgically with our latest innovative technology using the FOTONA TIMEWALKER laser and STARFORMER electromagnetic chair.


Usually, the mommy makeover can be done as an outpatient procedure that needs no downtime. Sometimes, if a surgical procedure like liposuction or breast surgery is done, there is a little delay in the recovery.

Further, you should refrain from heavy lifting and vigorous exercise for at least six weeks following your mommy transformation. Smoking reduces circulation, which delays the healing of wounds and significantly raises the risk of major problems. Thus, quit smoking for a minimum of four weeks following your mommy makeover to reap the best outcomes.

To summarize

Thus, a mommy reshaping will transform your life by giving you back self-confidence and pride in the way you look. Moreover, maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise to guarantee that the effects of your mommy makeover stay for a long time.

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