what is ed and its causes(Erectile Dysfunction)

What is ED

what is ed and its causes(Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the most common fertility problem among men. The inability to get or maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). A fertility specialist usually identifies and treats erectile dysfunction. In this blog let’s see what is ED, its causes, and its symptoms in depth.

What is ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a certain kind of penile disorder. Trouble getting or keeping a firm enough erection for intercourse is referred to as ED.It can be divided into two classifications, such as

*Occasional ED- Many people experience it when under stress or as a result of a recent nutritional or lifestyle change.

* Frequent ED- It can indicate health issues that require treatment.

It’s normal for men to occasionally have erection problems, but ED that increases or happens regularly during sexual activity needs to be treated.

How an erection occurs

Normally, increased blood flow to your penis causes an erection. This blood flow is usually stimulated by sexual thoughts or physical contact with your penis. A muscle within the blood vessels in the penis relaxes when a man is sexually stimulated. Due to the increased blood flow through the penile arteries, two chambers within the penis are filled.

When the chambers are filled with blood, the penis gets rigid. Further, penile veins will constrict to help to keep blood in the penis and sustain the erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The main causes of ED are conditions that hinder the ability of your body to transport blood to your penis. Both physical and emotional factors can be considered as causes of sexual dysfunction

Physical causes


*Increased Age


*Alcohol, smoking, drugs and tobacco intake

* Any injury or surgical procedure causing pelvic region damage

*Any injury to the penis and spinal cord

*High blood pressure

*Certain medications for blood pressure, depression, ulcers etc

*Cardiovascular diseases

*High cholesterol

*Kidney disease

*Peyronie’s disease

Emotional causes




*Relationship problems

*Fear of sexual intercourse

*Low self-esteem

Thus,ED may result from only one of these causes or a combination of them.


The symptoms of erectile dysfunction are

*Having trouble getting an erection before sexual intercourse

*Having an erection before having sexual intercourse but being unable to keep it up while having sexual intercourse

*Absolute inability to have an erection.

*Require intense stimulation to maintain an erection.

To conclude

Thus, this blog has helped you to understand “What is ED” in detail. Feel free to open up to your fertility specialist, if you have any of the above symptoms. The fertility specialist will analyze you and suggest further treatment options.

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