What is orgasmic dysfunction?

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What is orgasmic dysfunction?

Having trouble getting into an orgasm despite sexual arousal and stimulation is known medically as orgasmic dysfunction. It is a delicate situation where the woman doesn’t enjoy sex with her partner since she has difficulty reaching orgasm(climax).This problem affects a significant percentage of women. In this piece of writing, let’s analyze in more detail what is orgasmic dysfunction and its various types.

Types of orgasmic dysfunction

Orgasmic dysfunction is also termed anorgasmia. Many different types of orgasmic dysfunction exist, including:

Primary Anorgasmia

In this condition, you have never had an orgasm.

Secondary Anorgasmia

In this condition, you have difficulty in reaching orgasm inspite of you having had one before.

Situational Anorgasmia

This is the most common type of orgasmic dysfunction, where you reach orgasm only during specific situations like masturbation.

General Anorgasmia

The inability to achieve orgasm in any situation even though you are highly aroused and sexual stimulation is sufficient is termed general anorgasmia.

Both men and women are affected by orgasmic dysfunction, but women are more likely to have it. Physical, mental, or psychological issues may prevent some women from experiencing orgasms.


Before diagnosing it, a doctor will probably ask you about your symptoms and how long you have been affected by this issue. If you have any symptoms related to orgasmic dysfunction, book your earlier appointment with your cosmetic gynaecologist and get help right away.

She will make note of any factors that might be responsible for orgasmic dysfunction. And she will also conduct a physical examination during the visit and inquire about your sexual history. Thus, the most efficient way to make sure you can fully enjoy sexual activity again is to get help from your cosmetic gynaecologist.

Underlying causes of orgasmic dysfunction

As you are in your40s and already preoccupied with many things like growing children, ageing parents, and financial commitments, your sexual life is the least you bother about. Moreover, many women feel like, it is a sin to talk about. But, lots of frustrations and relationship problems can have a base from here.

To summarize

Thus, many women deal with orgasmic dysfunction at some point in their lives. Remember that you are not alone to fight this battle. Open up to your cosmetic gynaecologist about your issues without any embarrassment. Finally, get help from your cosmetic gynaecologist and solve your once unsolvable problems. With the best treatment plan, address your unspoken difficulties and live a happy life.

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