What is perineum

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What is perineum

(Perineum’s role in childbirth)

The perineum is a part of your body that receives little attention but supports your internal organs. It contains muscles and nerves that are essential to several processes in the body. The perineum plays a key role during childbirth. In this blog let’s see what is perineum in detail.

What is perineum

The “Perineum” is the tiny region that lies between the anus and the vagina. Despite being small, this region is important because it contains numerous tissues that keep the vagina and anus in their proper positions. The vagina can be tightened and relaxed using the muscles in this region.

Functions of the perineum

The functions of the perineum are as follows

*A vaginal delivery is made possible by the structures in the perineum.

*The perineum serves as a base for the pelvic floor muscles, which hold organs like the colon, bladder, and reproductive organs in place.

*The structures in the perineum help in urination, stool, and sexual activity.

Perineum’s role in childbirth

The perineum undergoes a lot of pressure during vaginal delivery to facilitate the delivery of the baby. During vaginal delivery, the perineum may tear. The majority of tears are small and gradually heal. The chances of perineum tear are high in the following situations

*When the baby is large

*When the baby’s head is large

*Age of women

*Women who are overweight

How perineum tears can be avoided?

If you massage the perineum during pregnancy and get the tissues in the perineum area ready to stretch, you can prevent perineum tears to some extent. However, before you massage your perineum, you should get advice from your gynecologist on how to do it.

What is episiotomy

It is the procedure that is done before delivery in which a small incision is made to the perineum to make the birth canal larger. After birth, the doctor will check how the tears are and use dissolvable sutures to close them. Good care must be given to the sutured perineum during the recovery process.

Is it possible to tighten the perineum?

Your perineum may return to its original state after giving birth, but it won’t be in the same state it was in before giving birth. Luckily, with modern advancements, there is a way where you can get back your perineum in pre-pregnancy condition with a procedure called perineoplasty.

What is perineoplasty?

A perineoplasty is a procedure in which the unnecessary and damaged tissues surrounding the perineum are removed and the area is then stitched up with dissolvable tissues. This procedure is performed as an outpatient or daycare procedure. With the best medical team and the utmost care, we perform this procedure at Eva with a high success rate.

To sum up

Well, now you might get an idea of what is perineum and how it helps in childbirth. Although the perineum is a small area, it plays a vital role during childbirth. In addition, have proper perineal care to lead a healthy life.

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