Female sexual dysfunction


Female sexual dysfunction

(Why am I not interested in intimate times? (sexual intercourse/sex))

Female sexual dysfunction is becoming more common these days. Many women have issues with their sexual function at some point, and some struggle with it their entire lives. Moreover, women might develop female sexual dysfunction at any stage in their lives. Let’s look further into this blog to learn more about female sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction

To understand female sexual dysfunction better let’s see what is sexual dysfunction first. It refers to any issue that interferes with enjoyment during the course of the sexual activity. Normally sexual dysfunction can affect people of all ages, though the chance increases with age. It can be short-lived or persistent (chronic).

Sexual dysfunction in women

For many women, sexual dysfunction can be an upsetting and difficult condition. About 30% to 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. There are numerous reasons and indications for sexual dysfunction in women. The most common problem of female sexual dysfunction is a lack of sexual interest. The types of sexual problems in women include
*Loss of libido or sexual desire
*Loss of vaginal muscle tone
*Decreased sense of arousal
*Loss of ability to achieve orgasm
*Reduced or painful sensation in the vagina

Age, the main determinant

A woman’s sexual function declines with age (late 30s) especially desire, frequency of orgasm and frequency of sexual intercourse. This could be possibly because of the physical and mental exhaustion associated with household chores, raising children, financial and social pressure in addition to hormone changes.
If this is an ongoing issue, it could lead to low self-esteem and relationship problems. If you face these problems, then you can get the help of a cosmetic gynaecologist who will understand your problem and arrive at solutions

Guidelines for managing this issue

You may have a treatable underlying condition or may benefit from lifestyle changes and counselling. Sex therapy and other latest treatments like orgasm shots and vaginal tightening are of great help.

Lifestyle changes to treat this issue include

*Maintaining a healthy weight
*Regular exercise
*Eat a well-balanced diet
*Avoid smoking and alcohol/illicit drug
*Have a good sleep
*Cut down your stress
*Spend more time with your partner

To Conclude:

Thus, many women often have sexual problems. If it bothers you or develops into a persistent issue, then get assistance from a cosmetic gynaecologist. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak about your issue with your partner and cosmetic gynaecologist. Finding the source of the issue by having an honest conversation might be easier to treat it. Thus, with the correct treatment, the majority of women can have satisfying, healthy sex. We at EVA provide you with the best medical care and treatment for both men and female sexual dysfunction.

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