How to do a male fertility check by yourself

male fertility check

How to do a male fertility check by yourself

Many couples consider pregnancy as a significant life milestone. Together with egg quality, sperm health should be considered by couples who are trying to conceive. In light of this, you may be wondering why a male fertility check is necessary for conception. In this blog, the reason for this is discussed in detail.

What indicates that your sperm is unhealthy?

The different elements that determine the health of the sperm are

*Sperm motility – It is the term used to describe the movement and capacity of sperm to “swim” forward and advance.

*The Sperm morphology – This is a reference to the sperm cells’ size and shape.

*Sperm count – A male with less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is said to have a low sperm count.

The sperm’s health is determined by all of these factors.

How can you know if the sperm is unhealthy?

There are numerous ways to recognize that your sperm are unhealthy. Several factors need to be kept an eye on:


If the semen is yellow, you may be certain that you may have jaundice. Further, foods high in sulfur or alcohol consumption can also contribute to the yellow color of the semen.

If the colour of your sperm is yellowish-green, it means that bacteria from the urinary tract have made their way into the prostate gland, making it unhealthy.

Blood in your sperm

At certain times, you could notice blood in your semen, which is a sign of high blood pressure. The reason for this could also be due to sexually transmitted diseases including chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea.

Moreover, there are instances when the blood appears black, which could mean that spinal cord damage has caused your body to retain older blood.


The texture of your sperm may change from its normal form due to

*Low physical activity

*Consumption of alcohol and drugs

*Unhealthy diet

To determine if the sperm is of good quality or not, you must observe the texture and colour of the sperm for a few days before you begin planning a family. Further, consult your doctor right away and put off planning a family if you notice any changes in the normality of your sperm.

To sum up

A high-quality sperm pool will boost the chances of a trouble-free pregnancy. As a result, a male fertility check is necessary to figure out the sperm quality for a successful pregnancy. If you have any more questions about the quality of the sperm, reach out to us, and we will help you ease your concerns.

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