How to prevent urinary tract infections in different ways

How to prevent urinary tract infections

How to prevent urinary tract infections in different ways

Women are diagnosed with urinary tract infections (UTIs) at greater rates than men. The reason is, a woman’s urethra is shorter than a man’s and located closer to the anal area, which more convenient for infectious microbes to enter and move toward the bladder. In this scenario, the predominant issue that most women will have is how to prevent urinary tract infections.

Let’s explore it in more detail in this blog.

Urinary tract infections

An infection in your urinary system results in a urinary tract infection (UTI). The lower urinary tract, which comprises the bladder and urethra, is most frequently affected. Here, we will look through the steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of getting a UTI.

How to prevent urinary tract infections

Drink plenty of fluids

The risk of getting a UTI is 50% higher in women who consume less than 1.5 liters of water daily. Moreover, you can increase your fluid intake by consuming milk, water, decaffeinated herbal tea, or fruit and vegetable smoothies or juices. As a result, you will urinate more frequently, clearing your urinary tract of microorganisms.

Avoid holding your urine

Urine should not be held in as this can promote the growth of bacteria. Being pregnant increases your risk of getting a UTI, so this is even more important. Further, your bladder is supposed to empty four to eight times a day on average.

Wipe front to back

Bacteria usually hang out at the anus. Wiping from front to back reduces the likelihood of the germs reaching the urethra, especially after a bowel movement.

Urinate after sex

Sexual activity can introduce bacteria into or near the urethra. Urinate both right before and after intercourse to lower your risk. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wash your genital area gently before having sex. This can lessen the possibility of bacteria entering your urethra and help to keep the area clean.

Avoid scented products

Products with strong fragrances(Deodorant sprays, scented bath oils, scented powders, etc) can upset the natural equilibrium of microorganisms and promote harmful microbes’ growth. As a result, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and UTIs may occur.


Clothing that fits too tight might produce a moist atmosphere that encourages the growth of bacteria. Hence, try wearing loose-fitting clothes and cotton pants to keep moisture away from the area surrounding your urethra.

Birth control

Certain birth control methods (diaphragms, non-lubricated condoms etc) may encourage the growth of dangerous microorganisms. Consult your doctor if you believe that using birth control is contributing to your UTIs.

Consume cranberries

A common home treatment for avoiding UTIs is cranberries. Research currently indicates mixed findings regarding the prevention of UTIs by cranberries. Thus, cranberries are a low-risk treatment option, even though it’s unclear if they can prevent UTIs.

To sum up

Thus, you may now have picked up a few ideas on how to prevent urinary tract infections from this article. Meanwhile, contact your doctor as soon as you discover any signs of a UTI. Antibiotics are an easy way to treat a basic bladder infection. If left untreated, kidney infections can develop very quickly which makes the treatment very tedious.

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