know about What is pelvic floor therapy

What is pelvic floor therapy

know about What is pelvic floor therapy

Normally, pregnancy results in a lot of changes in your body in which pelvic floor is not an exception. The muscles and connective tissues that support vital organs in your pelvis, such as your bladder, gut (large intestine), and internal reproductive organs, make up your pelvic floor. Read on further to learn about what is pelvic floor therapy and why you need it in this blog.

What is pelvic floor therapy?

Pelvic floor muscles can get strained and even injured during pregnancy and childbirth. This may result in pelvic floor functional problems such as urinary and fecal incontinence, pain with sexual activity, lower back pain, etc

These issues can be managed by pelvic floor therapy. Maintaining the normal strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscles is the aim of this therapy.

How it is done

Initially, your doctor will identify the root of your issue and then provide you with a suitable treatment plan. The therapy for its rehabilitation uses a variety of approaches that target the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue. Some of them are

Manual therapy

In this therapy, your therapist will massage to release trigger points (tiny, tight areas of constricted muscle fibers)that are causing pain by gently stretching the pelvic area.


The therapist will give you exercises to undertake at home or therapy sessions to strengthen weak muscles or to relax tight or spastic muscles, depending on your needs.

Other treatments

Doctors sometimes employ ultrasound, heat therapy, cold therapy, and electrical stimulation to treat this concern.

All these methods don’t require special equipment and the improvement in symptoms depends on the consistency and correct follow-up of the therapy.

Recent revolution

Recently, we have our” Game changer treatment in pelvic floor therapy “which will stimulate the pelvic muscles and strengthen effectively. Our Queen of Queens “STARFORMER “has revolutionized it in a great way.


Each woman’s journey to recovery is unique, and it will take place at a different pace. Usually, after a few sessions of pelvic floor therapy, women start to notice changes.


The following postpartum symptoms may be alleviated with it.

*Urinary incontinence

*Bowel incontinence

*Fecal incontinence

*Pelvic pain

*Low back and vaginal pain

*Pelvic organ prolapse (when the pelvic organs become weak and fall out of position)

*Diastasis recti(abdominal muscles being separated after childbirth)

*Painful sex

To sum up

Thus, this blog has given you some insight into what is pelvic floor therapy. Moreover, it can significantly improve the lives of many women, enabling them to resume their favorite sport or just go about their daily lives without incontinence.

We @ EVA believe in offering the best treatment solution scientifically. We have great patient satisfaction rates with our approach of multiple combinations of addressing the weaknesses in the pelvic floor.

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